Ok, basic info first I guess:

I’m a mid-thirties stay at home mom to two surprisingly well-adjusted kids.  This is not my fault and I in no way take any credit for said well-adjustedness.  Their current ages are four-going-on-forty and omg-wook-at-those-widdle-chipmunk-cheeeeeeks. Seriously, under a year old - what else is there but the smooshy chubby little cheeks?  Well, aside from the horrid smells and goopy substances....

Anywho...  I’ve always loved writing and I don’t feel I’ve given myself enough opportunities to do it, so here I am.  I’ll be spending my time possibly boring you to tears but hopefully once in awhile I can come up with a tidbit here and there that will be of some value...to somebody...somewhere...

Just to get this out of the way, I am a survivor of domestic abuse (among other things but I’m sure I’ll blather on about them eventually here) and I do have a separate blog that deals with the dark pit that I sometimes find myself curling back into.  Having only that one creative outlet wasn’t cutting it for me. It was making it too easy to dwell on the crappy parts of my life, and so...this little corner was born.  I just needed to balance it all out.  You won’t see that side of me here; this is where I break free of it.  If you want to, or need to, have a good cry or a shoulder to lean on, the depressing side is over here.

That said, my plan for this little blog is to focus on the other compartments of my life - the good, the bad, the funny.... hopefully lots of the funny, but who knows where we’ll end up.  Let’s just wander through and find out together, shall we?

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