Monday, November 7, 2011

If You Need Me, I'll Be Face-Down on The Carpet

So yeah...I haven't been around....for my whole THREE regular readers - Sorry about that; it's been a busy month.

But, for once, busy in a good way! I could probably write a zillion and one words and still not cover everything, so I'm just gonna let some pictures take up a few thousand of em...

We discovered the joys of grass while Big Sis finally figured out how to use the brakes on her bike!

We went to Halloween parties and did corn mazes with bizarre scarecrows that may have ruined my entire perception of Sesame Street characters forever!

We made our own scarecrows and may have captured the only physical evidence that the fabled Mommy-beast really exists!

We (ok, Mommy-beast MAY be stretching the word "we" here...technically she sat on her ass drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and taking pics) built a ramp at a friend's house for his new wheelchair!

We had a freak snowstorm out of nowhere and then reaped the benefits of playing with the beach toys that were still out - yes, as a matter of fact, that IS the garden hose and sprinkler as well!

We, of course, went trick-or-treating!

All of these things took up a bit of our time, but there is one thing left that has taken up the most time of all...

This right here....

...has basically made the Mommy-beast a permanent fixture on the living room floor; making an ass of herself with constant utterances of "Come on buddy, you can do it! Come on over and see mommy!" while he yells indignantly at the floor for not doing the job for him. He's soooo close to crawling we can both taste it, and the suspense is killing both of us. Honestly, I think it's only killing me; I'm fairly convinced he already does it every single time my back is turned and he's having a helluva time keeping it to himself and laughing his ass off to himself every time I get down there on all fours with my silly words of encouragement...

But yeah, so that's where I've been and what we've been up to. Nothing exciting or miraculous; just enjoying the simple moments together. I promise my next post will be more entertaining and well-thought-out or whatever. Till then, I'm headed back to the carpet - help me cheer him on, will ya?!

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